No Ice in Sunny Miami!

We miss time with our friends!

Join The Virtual Mission Trip!

Hope for Uruguay 100 Laci and I had the pleasure of meeting Steve and Jill McCarthy last year and learning about their call to serve and work in Uruguay over the past 10 years. Every time I am around the McCarthys, I get excited about the opportunity to work with…

Oh no, Covid-19! What are we going to do?!!

Honestly, it still does not feel real…we went from pedal to the medal, calendar full, teams heading all over the world…To being told we have to “shelter in place” at home for the next 30 days. So…what are we going to do?

Join Ryan and Laci in the Holy Land!

Don’t miss this trip of a lifetime to the Holy Lands with Ryan and Laci!

You made all the difference this summer…

We continually thank God for you! Without your generous financial and prayer support, we simply would not be able to serve in our calling…You have been a part of building places where people find hope! Summer Was a Flash! Looking back at this summer, we can’t believe it is now…

Join Ryan in Southeast Asia!

Thanks to the generosity of many teams and financial contributors, there has been huge progress on the work. The primary structure of this six floor building is complete.

Family Missions Team 2019: Costa Rica

This once in a lifetime family adventure will make an impact on the lives of your children forever!

Merry Christmas from the Party!

We are continuously greatlful for your generours financial and prayer support allowing us to serve with Builders International!