The Blog: Builders International

What do you think?

Builders International just launched a new web-site, what do you think??

Progress in Nepal

Construction is moving forward in Nepal on the Nepal Theological College women’s dorm!

Join this Amazon Team!

Join this team for an adventure of a lifetime, building a church on the Amazon River!

A week in Haiti

After a week in Haiti this September, I am excited about how some of the previouse churches and school are doing we have built! This year we hosted just over 300 people serving in Haiti, I’m now looking forward to a great year of progress in 2018.

Challenges and Progress

Every project comes with an unexpected challenge along the way. The repeal of religious freedom in Russia was a big surprise! Yet the work moves on and great progress has been made in the work.

Got Integrity? Your Opportunity.

Business owners and managers…You can support Builders International financially at ZERO cost to you, with a simple change in one business operation…your credit card processing vendor.

You’re Invited!

This fall will be an exciting one, I will be leading a Legacy Team to Nepal in September, as well as to Russia in October. You are invited to join me!

Fun on the Radio!

As we continue to expand Builders International, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to help spread our message. For the month of May, we were able to partner with the Sunday Morning Drive to help tell our our story and promote a special project in Nepal.