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You made all the difference this summer…

We continually thank God for you! Without your generous financial and prayer support, we simply would not be able to serve in our calling…You have been a part of building places where people find hope! Summer Was a Flash! Looking back at this summer, we can’t believe it is now…

Join Ryan in Southeast Asia!

Thanks to the generosity of many teams and financial contributors, there has been huge progress on the work. The primary structure of this six floor building is complete.

Family Missions Team 2019: Costa Rica

This once in a lifetime family adventure will make an impact on the lives of your children forever!

Merry Christmas from the Party!

We are continuously greatlful for your generours financial and prayer support allowing us to serve with Builders International!

Journey With Us to the Holy Land

Laci and I are so excited to co-lead this trip in November 2019, along with Pastor Wayne Clark, South Texas District Senior Adult Ministries Director and his wife, Judy!

Teams in Honduras, Mexico, And Brazil: Helping People

I still have to pinch myself from time to time, can’t hardly believe what God is allowing Team Moore to be involved in. What a pleasure to see people serving and helping others all over the world with Builders International!

Thanks to you

Thanks to you…we had a great year! Your financial support and prayers keep us on the job leading Builders International! Here is a quick snapshot of our 2017 you made possible…

A week in Haiti

After a week in Haiti this September, I am excited about how some of the previouse churches and school are doing we have built! This year we hosted just over 300 people serving in Haiti, I’m now looking forward to a great year of progress in 2018.