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What I learned from a Lost Boy of Sudan

In the middle of a hot summer night in 1987 when he was 12 years old, Muslim militia from north Sudan invaded the village of John Dau. He found himself separated from his family in a instant, on the run for his life into the jungle darkness.

Partnerships and Friendships

In 2011 I was honored to meet and become acquainted with Sam Johnson; missionary, pastor and evangelist.

A look back at 2014

One year ago at this time we were at the hospital with Lynzi, where she spent 2 weeks recovering from a ruptured appendix as well as another 2 months out of school very sick and recovering from infection. This past year she has experienced challenges in recovery, but she has…

Our Approach to Building

As I write this post, Richard and Kelly Green are at work in Haiti on our final reconstruction project, as well, Brad Foltz and Doug Webber are working in Honduras on the Honduras 100 project.   Their work involves construction, but their purpose goes way beyond brick and mortar! At Builders…