#100 of Honduras 100

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Thanks to the hard work and generosity of 100 volunteer construction teams, 100 communities around Honduras now have a new hope for change.

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This work, led by Brad and Shelly Foltz, has now made an impact in 99 communities throughout. The Honduras 100 project is a partnership to build 100 church buildings for new churches planted by the Honduras Assemblies of God.

Started in 2004 by missionary Larry Walker, we are excited to announce that church #100 (and #101) are going up in May! By the way, it is an all ladies team building both of these!

We have a unique opportunity to tell this story really well through a documentary. O.J. was one of the team members who traveled to work on a Honduras 1oo project. O.J. has a passion to help us tell the story and works with Eisley Creative Company. Eisley is now on board to make a documentary to help tell the story.

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