Fun on the Radio!

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As we continue to expand Builders International, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to help spread our message. For the month of May, we were able to partner with the Sunday Morning Drive to help tell our our story and promote a special project in Nepal.

This video highlights the earthquake reconstruction and Nepal Theological College projects we are currently working with.

Though speaking on the radio was never on my radar, I had a lot fun sharing about the ongoing work happening in Nepal! It has been exciting to see the progress thanks to the hard work of Assemblies of God World Missions partners on the field in Nepal. (Names left out due to sensitive country.)

Home Reconstruction Project

You can check out my interviews on the Sunday Morning Drive’s missions page If you have much of a drive to church, look them up and listen in on Sunday mornings!

I just recently had the opportunity to meet with the Nepal Theological College President, who was in the USA briefly. He shared with me the challenges they are facing today in Nepal. There is currently legislation drafted and proposed that would make it illegal to proselytize with a punishment of prison for leading someone to Christ.

It is an honor to serve our brothers and sisters around the world! Thank you for your heart for the world and allowing us to continue in our work with Builders International!

Building for Life,


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