Challenges and Progress

Every project comes with an unexpected challenge along the way. The repeal of religious freedom in Russia was a big surprise! Yet the work moves on and great progress has been made in the work.

When Russia passed a law repealing religious freedom this past June, it was unclear of what the impact would be regarding our role working on a church in the Tatarstan region.

Challenge in Travel

The challenge is that the Legacy Team set to depart on Oct 13th had to be cancelled. We have tentatively rescheduled the trip for 2016 as the situation develops.

Progress in the Work

However, thanks to the hard work of Carley Touchstone serving as “project champion” and the generous giving of others, the work on the church has carried on and the basement level is now complete and passed a critical inspection.

The Good News Church leadership continue to lead the work with excellence! Here is a video update of the work:

Thank you for your continued prayer for the work in Russia and our church family in Russia! Find out more on the work in Russia at:

Russia Project

Building for Life,

Ryan and Laci

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