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Just back from leading the Legacy Team to the Tatarstan region of Russia. It proved to be everything I hoped for and more!

From day one in meeting Pastor Vasily, it was apparent that something special is happening in Chelney. I had the pleasure of of learning more about the work of Good News Church in Naberezhnye Chelney and around the entire Tatarstan region.

Pastor Vasily, originally a missionary from Ukraine to the Tatarstan region of Russia, has now been at the Good News Church over 25 years. This church has now grown to over 500 in a region that is 90% Muslim. They have had 24/7 prayer at the church for 15 years and reach out into their community with many compassion ministries.

After years of growth, prayer and hard work; they are now entering a new season. A season of church growth and construction, as well as sending out missionary church planters from their congregation. The next step for them is to complete their home church facility.

There are two parts to the work we are seeking to help the Good News Church with. First, the completion of their primary church structure in Chelney. Second, to partner with 10 missionary church planters that Good News Church is sending to other cities of Tatarstan.

Good News Church Project

One of our stops on the visit was Kazan, where they are planting 4 churches:

It was a pleasure to have with me two builders, two pastors, and one photographer. Not only did we get to visit Chelney and the surrounding cities in Tatarstan; we got to visit Moscow, the Red Square and attend a Russian Circus!

We will have the first construction team headed to Tatarstan May 14!

Join the May Team

Honored to serve at Builders International. Thank you for making it possible!

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