Expecting Great Things for 2016

I thank God for each of those who partner with Laci and I each month in prayer and financial support. We consider our work an extension of you and consider it an honor and a high responsibility. We look forward to a productive 2016 and pray God gives you the same!

2016 will be a year of Builders staff transition and growth, business development, travel, and more. We pray as well, with God’s blessing and favor, this will be a year of increased capacity to help people.

Here is a snapshot of our 2016 plans:

Laci will continue working in the office and serving on the creative team. Among many other roles like writing and editing, see some of Laci’s writing on our Building for Life blog:  http://building4.life/. As well, Laci is coordinating and will help lead the Belize Family Jungle adventure (Find out more here.)

We will continue to seek new team members for our growing work load and opportunity. Continuing to push Builders to be as productive as possible, yet people-focused as our primary concern.

We will continue to work the “Building for Life” capacity campaign into year two of the three-planned years, as we seek partners to invest in the launch of the Builders International Foundation. For more information, see the campaign brochure.

I have recently been inspired by a quote of Jim Stovall, “When you face a decision or challenge, ask yourself – What would I do if I were awesome?” In no way do I think I’m awesome, but I pledge to act like it when facing the challenge!

Thanks again for working with Laci and I as we endeavor to lead Builders International as God leads and enables.



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