Thank You! 2015 Review

2015 has been a great year. Thank you so much to our prayer and financial partners for entrusting us with you missions investment! Here is a brief look back at 2015.

I am not a photographer by any means, but the picture above is among my favorites this year.  This project is in Zorange, Haiti, where we have a community development project underway that includes a new church, school, clinic and 2 water wells. The church and two wells were complete.

Here are some of the things we accomplished this year:

  • Launched 3 new projects (Chile, Costa Rica, Russia)
  • Launched the 3 year “Building for Life” campaign starting up the Builders International Foundation
  • Traveled to Belize with the entire family – Leading a South Texas AIM missions team
  • Traveled to Haiti – Meeting with the National Church leadership and planning for the construction projects we have underway.
  • Travel to Nepal – Leading a Legacy Team, for a ground breaking ceremony at the Nepal Theological College.

For a more complete look at 2015, see my blog post in the Builders Weekly, 2015 at a Glance.

May God bless you in everything you lay your hands to in 2016!



4 Responses to “Thank You! 2015 Review”

  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you for all you do and give for the Kingdom of God. We love and appreciate you so much. And thank you for all you have sown into our family’s minister. We love your family and pray for each of you.

    The Cagles

    PS We don’t expect you to respond to our notes. We know how much you give of yourselves to so many.

  2. Suellyn says:

    I just want to second what Kathy said. Thank you so much for serving the kingdom around the world. When I watch the bad news around the world, it makes me smile to know that there are missionaries like you guys and the Cagles being a light to our dark world. You might not make the news, but I know you are winning victories for our Lord.

    God bless you,

    Suellyn Melder

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Suellyn,

      Thanks for your kind comments. The Church is growing around the world, we all play our part serving the place God has placed us. Whether at home or abroad, ever role is critical.